InVision Update Training

The InVision Update Training is designed to introduce participants to all new additions which have come with a release and to teach them their effective application.

Training objective

Once you have completed the training, you will be able to leverage the new features and extended functionalities of the InVision Enterprise WFM.


Training begins by introducing the essential novelties of the current release. Through extensive practice you will gain hands-on experience in using the features and the knowledge required to use them productively. Targeted and practice-oriented training methods will ensure a smooth and swift transition to the new software release of the InVision Enterprise WFM.

The exact content of the training varies constantly depending on the current release. Feel free to contact us any time for an outline of the training.

Target audience

The InVision Update Training is geared to all users of the InVision Enterprise WFM who have decided to switch to the most recent software release.


To participate, you must have completed the InVision Basic Training. Besides, you should have gathered comprehensive experience in using the InVision Enterprise WFM.


1 day